Wednesday, December 15, 2010


hahhaha..todays not my bufday but we all have SUPRISE bufday party(tada). the true is, this party is not for SUPRISE party but to celebrate ours(but, i will ) bufday party(me,aina,wafa,alya,ziqa,thilah). first, kteowang beli sume brg uh dlm hrge nk dkat2 seRATUS gak(abis pokai duit kteowg) but this party only once a year,it's okey.....then, kteowg c0oking2 kat dapurrr.69% our's it delicous?? so, let see it...before that, 41%of it we were buying cake mocha(verrrry2 delicous,bravo)

 hahahahahha...bru nk tumis bwg nasib baekla x angus..tengs athilah coz tlg tumiskn..

emmm, ours yummy sosej..ziqa n alya really like this sosej

all of us really2 like this delicous cake..emmmmm, yummy...aina larh yg the most eating this cake...tpi mmg btolla kek nih mmg, me n wafa do a right choice for chosing this cake..
                                                                wowowo,yummy right....

belon yg b'bentuk love ni ditiup oleh athilah n aina...n jge dipechkn sbnyk 4 bijik oleh mereka....

after prepare all of that...kteowg siap2 for celebration n taking ours picture..

haziqa is drinking 100plus lemon...0oh, i'm thirsty now...hahahha..

                   ALLAH selamatkn kam0o..
                   ALLAH selamatkn kam0o..
             ALLAH selamatkan kam0o semua..
                   ALLAH selamatkn kam0o..

                     selamat ari jadi..
                     selamat ari jadi..
            selamat ari jadi kami semua..
                      selama ari jadi..

              sangae chuka hamnida..
              sangae chuka hamnida..
              happy bufday to you..
              sangae chuka hamnida.
             ..sangae chuka hamnida..

this is my favorite pic..coz me n wafa really joy n have fun..wafa also sporting girls..

                                                              - SUAP-MENYUAP-


sorry..s'bnarnyerr there's a lot picture of us but i'm busy today so only upload a few pic..sorry keyh..babai..
(pics nih dh tulis dlm blog lme tpi sje nk ltak kat sni..hehe :0 )